workout programmes

workout programmes

If a commitment to working out brings huge tangible benefits to your personal fitness, performance and well-being, just imagine what ‘workouts’ could do for your Company.

What are Workout programmes?

Workout programmes offer teams a focused, results-oriented way of working to resolve BIG, important issues impacting Company performance.

Why will it be good for my Company?

Your Workout programme would:
Improve Company performance
Get you results (faster than you would working alone)
Improve team relationships
Be tailored 100% to you
Be confidential

How do they work?

As workout programmes often tackle issues too big to resolve in a single session, they typically go through 4 stages:

Stage 1:

Performance Check-in with you to discuss the current situation, what you want to achieve and agree how to measure our success

Stage 2:

Team Check-in; discussion and/or use of a diagnostic to identify everyone’s views and agree our priorities

Stage 3:

Workout sessions to address your Company needs

Stage 4:

Performance Check-out to review and celebrate your team and Company’s success

Who are Workout Programmes for?

Workout programmes are for teams, especially top teams.

What kind of issues suit workouts?

hover over the doors below to find out…

Identifying your Company’s vision, purpose & values
Business Planning
Building high performing teams

Improving Employee engagement levels

Managing your Company talent & succession

When can I start?

As soon as we can arrange a date, so please email or phone me:

get in touch07774 945666

Look forward to working with you soon!

“A strong service ethos and confident facilitation means Mandy is able to work effectively across all areas of the organisation, with a drive and determination that delivers results”

ChairmanHospitality Sector

“Delivered on every level and had a significant influence in shaping the culture of my organization”

MDAutomotive Sector

“There is a very fine balance between trying to keep the team on track, but at the same time letting us explore the issues we want to … but you somehow manage it and help us get results”

Group HR Business PartnerHealthcare

“Since our Customer Service project started, Mandy’s design and facilitation has consistently scored 97% or above with our people. We are already receiving customer feedback saying they are noticing a difference in the customer service our people are giving which is excellent”

Crew Development DirectorAviation

“Our Team Workout focused on ways we could improve the customer service we delivered at our Support centre. Over a few workouts, we saw clear improvements in how everyone handled incoming and outgoing calls, complaints and our admin processes. Also by working more closely together, we developed a greater team spirit than we had before”

Customer Service ManagerRetail