personal training

personal training

Executive Coaching shows an ROI of 5.7 times the investment and…

Improved Relationships


Improved Teamwork


Increased Job Satisfaction

The Manchester Study: Maximising the Impact of Executive Coaching

Nearly 50% of companies saw an ROI between 10-50 times their investment – International Coach Federation Global Coaching Client Study


of respondents believe coaching can deliver tangible benefits both to individuals and organisations


of respondents agree when managed coaching can have a positive impact on an organisation’s bottom line


agree coaching is an effective way to promote learning in organisations

What is Personal Training?

Personal Training – ‘PT’ –  offers the chance to work through issues and get improved results by working 1-2-1 with someone independent of you and your business, but 100% on your side

Why will it be good for me?

Your PT programme would:
Be confidential
Tailored 100% to you
Support & challenge you
Get you results
Improve your performance

How does it work?

All PT programmes start with a ‘Performance Check-in’ to discuss the current situation, what you want to achieve and how you might get there.  Then the work begins usually through 4-6 x 90 minute PT sessions.  All programmes end with a Performance Check-out to review and celebrate your success

Who is it for?

PT is for anymore willing to put the work in!
It is brilliant / particularly beneficial for Senior managers needing to work through performance issues they cannot easily talk through with others/colleagues at work

When can I start?

As soon as we can arrange a date, so please email or phone me:

get in touch07774 945666

Look forward to working with you soon!

“I undertook PT when I was facing some difficult team management issues and was lacking the necessary confidence and self-belief to handle them. It really helped me establish myself as the leader, tackle some difficult conversations and build greater team spirit”

Field ManagerLeading road safety charity

“One of our Centre Managers undertook PT to improve his relationships with key customers, colleagues and team members. It was hugely successful – he has turned how he is seen in the business receiving positive feedback from all”

HR DirectorCommercial vehicle sales & after-sales support

“I had a few objectives for my PT. Firstly, to develop my personal profile within the company, to get myself on the consideration list for key projects in the Operations team, and to develop more productive relationships with some key Managers and Directors. I achieved them all and increased my profile and career prospects in the process. Thank You”

HR Business Partner Leading vehicle glass repair and replacement group

“I turned to PT as a solution for one of my IT Managers who needed to develop his man-management skills and to influence some tricky team members and business stakeholders. I think the chance to talk confidentially to someone outside the business really helped him open up. By the end of the PT, his skills and confidence had grown significantly”

IT DirectorRetail group

“Following a business integration, I was offered PT because the company believed had the potential to fulfil a key position in the new company. I’d never experienced this kind of development before, but I found having someone independent supporting and challenging me extremely useful at a key time in my career”

Senior Operations ManagerMobile accident repair service company