Mandy Spooner

“I’m sure like all other business owners, I am passionate about my ‘baby’ … Peptalk.

Established in 2009, Peptalk is the result of working and studying in the field of  people and organisational development for more than 20 years … and I can honestly say I still love it.

In that time, I’ve gained bags of relevant experience helping many companies – big and small, UK and overseas, across a range of industry sectors, supporting many household names and well-known brands.

I’ve also seen business professionals – the world over – wrestle with common people-related issues impacting their company’s performance and bottom line. Issues like ineffective leadership, inadequate customer service, poor teamwork etc; It got me thinking there just had to be a better way to help companies and business leaders find a way to enjoy greater success.

If we look outside the world of business, we’ll quickly discover other professions who turn to a performance coach to maximise their performance. Whether they are actors, musicians, singers, presenters, sports players or athletes, their performance coach is seen as essential in helping them capitalise on their natural strengths and develop areas of their untapped potential … and even when some of them reach the very top, they value coaching and their Coach enough to keep this special relationship going.

If performance coaching can be that powerful elsewhere, surely its benefits could also be realised in business for those willing to go for it?

So the concept of the “Company fitness for better business” was born.

To help your Company improve its corporate fitness, Peptalk has:

Identified common people-related issues you might face now or in the future

Created Workouts, Personal Training and Studio Classes to address them

Used performance coaching to maximise and sustain results

Made all solutions flexible, effective and value-for- money

We’re ready … are you?

peptalk values

peptalk values

It is no coincidence that some of the most successful companies in the world know where they are going, what they are there to do and the kind of company they want to be. In other words, they have vision, a clear purpose and set of values.


Peptalk’s purpose is simple. We offer performance coaching for better business because results matter.


To do this, we live by these values:


We demonstrate how our work is making a positive difference and helping you deliver improved results


We will work with you to identify and deal with issues together


We go about things the right way, deliver on our promises, respect you and confidentialities

(Added) Value:

We love to see the difference we make and know we offer great value for money

meet the peptalkers

meet the peptalkers

In my career, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great people who share my passion for helping companies realise their potential through their people. Here are some of the very best …

Dennis Kennedy

Coaching Performance in:

Sales Growth
Customer Service
Key Account Management

“I’ve known Dennis for a number of years now and during this time, I have seen and got to appreciate the value of his work. Dennis is a skilled questioner; able to explore and challenge a client’s thinking about their company needs to find the right solution(s). What Dennis himself would call a ‘helpful conversation’. Dennis is excellent at building rapport, and through his support, challenge and encouragement is able to get even the most reluctant individual to participate and achieve improved results”

Karen Bush

Coaching Performance in:
Sales Growth
Managing Performance
Recruitment, Induction & Training practices
Talent & Succession schemes

“I’ve known and worked alongside Karen long enough for me to know she is truly excellent in her client consultancy. Karen’s forte lies in her commerciality and in helping businesses – large and small – get maximum value from their people- based activities e.g., how they recruit, induct, train and manage organisational change, talent and succession. This means she is never scared to ask often challenging questions about the value of an organisation’s policies, processes and practice to help clients gain a realistic perspective on what they currently have and the opportunity to gain”

Stefan Kapota

Coaching Performance in:
Sales Growth
Customer Service
Mystery Shopping

“When I first met Stefan 8 years ago and saw him work, he simply blew me away. Bringing a fresh perspective, Stefan’s approach is always engaging, personable, intelligent and articulate. He has great energy, presence, pace and strikes a healthy balance of support and challenge when working with every individual or group. His career history means he has a breadth and depth of experience in leadership, management development, sales and customer service to draw upon and be a credible coach with a wide range of business professionals. Clients love him for these reasons (and more) and I am so glad our paths crossed”